Music Production Softwares

Now in 2022, It does not matter which software you use for creating music. There are tons of music production softwares are out there, and the only way to go with one of them is download the trial version of each one and give them a try.

I have used almost all the Music Production Softwares and using them for different projects, finalised 2 of them. You can ask why 2, why not only 1 ?

Let me answer that question too. It’s not because of each software has its own limitation, but It’s because of my mood. When I got tired and feel less creative, I give a try to my second Music Production Software and believe me or not, every time I find some another cool stuff. But mostly I use my first Music Production Software for most of the work.

Most used Music Production Softwares

Here is a list of most used Music Production Softwares. Most of the people call them DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

1. Steinberg Cubase
Cubase 12
Cubase 12

Steinberg has 2 main Music Production Softwares.

  1. Cubase
  2. Nuendo

Both of them looks very similar except the Cubase is mostly used for Music Production and Film Scoring while Nuendo can be used for some extra stuff too for eg, Game Audio, Dolby Atmos etc.

Here we only talk about Cubase because it’s cheaper than Nuendo (if compared to other DAWs, Cubase is the costliest one). It doesn’t mean the costlier one is always better. Cubase is most suitable for Music Production compared to Nuendo.

Cubase charge their customers for every update. I like cubase features and workflow so, it’s my main DAW.

2. Apple Logic Pro
Apple Logic Pro
Logic Pro

Apple Logic Pro is the finest and cheapest software for Music Production. It’s faster than all of the DAWs. Logic Pro can be downloaded from App Store for $199 with lifetime free updates. It has a beautiful UI.

Logic is my second DAW of choice. Sometime if I am feeling tired, I switch from Cubase to Logic Pro.

3. Ableton Live
Ableton Live
Ableton Live

Ableton Live when first came, it was a software used by most of DJs. Now it became a Digital Audio Workstation and most of the Music Producers uses it. Ableton Live is also famous between EDM producers.

4. Image Line FL Studio
Image Line FL Studio
FL Studio

If you are a beginner, and starting out. FL Studio is very simple DAW. It works on pattern drawing mechanism. You make patterns, then you draw them in sequencer to make a full song. My first DAW was FL Studio. I used it for almost a year, then switched to Cubase for advanced Mixing stuff.

5. Avid Pro Tools
Pro Tools
Pro Tools

Avid Pro Tools is a DAW used by old studios and it is a industry standard for Digital Audio Workstations. The development in Pro Tools are not so much great so people are not liking it to run on modern computers. Also the pricing scheme of pro tools is subscription based, so it makes pro tools costliest daw in the market. The stability issues are there too.

My advice is just leave the pro tools if you are starting out. There are much cheaper and awesome daws mentioned above, that will save your money, and provide you peace of mind.

6. PreSonus Studio One
Studio One
Studio One

Presonus studio one is also a great DAW with lots of features and functionalities. It’s made by the guys who left Steinberg and made their own DAW in their own way. The UI feels cluttered. For creative tasks, the simplicity is the key.

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